At Bond, we pride ourselves on promoting the academic, social, physical and character development of our students by providing them with a challenging, varied and supportive learning environment.

We set high personal and academic standards for our students. We believe that with positive support and direction, students will rise to the challenge of high expectations.

Our students are recognized and respected as unique individuals, and their successes reflect our own dedication to provide a high quality, well-rounded education. At Bond Academy, we remain committed to our students, our parents, and our philosophy.

We believe that a partnership of families is critical to maximizing the success of our students. Interactive communication between the classroom teachers, the school and our families are integral to our program.

Principal's Message

As Principal of Bond International College and Bond Academy Secondary programs, I continue as an educator after many years with the Toronto District School Board.

With the Toronto District School Board, formerly the Scarborough Board of Education, I was a Science teacher, House Leader, Department Head, Vice-Principal and Principal at 9 different schools. As a Principal for 17 years, I was at four schools with many different philosophies, strengths and needs.

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