- front row: Nirupa Rajalathan, Larisa Trabulsi, Pauline Dimitroulakos, Pauline Walters
- back row: George Maroulis, Rita Simmons, Rudy St. Rose, Vicki Steele

About Us
The Bond Academy Community Council (BACC) is a collective association of parents, stepparents and guardians of Bond Academy students. The BACC works collaboratively with the school administration and staff to enhance the educational experience and school environment for our children.

The Bond Academy Community Council is governed by the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Communication Liaison, Members-at-Large (who are voting members) and the Administrative Committee (who are non-voting members). The BACC represents all parents, stepparents and guardians and acts as their liaison with Bond Academy.
Our objectives

To engage in activities, as may be deemed necessary and as approved by the school administration, to assist the students;
To maintain an active association of parents, stepparents and guardians whose children/charges are current students at Bond Academy;
To provide educational and social activities for the Bond Academy community;
To facilitate a closer liaison within the Bond Academy community for the benefit of the students and the school;
To address with the administration issues of importance to students, parents, stepparents and guardians and to make appropriate recommendations to the school administration regarding these issues; and
To maintain and account for a treasury to fund activities in accordance with the objectives above.

Bond Academy Community Council Executive 2017/18  

CHAIR:                                                     Rita S.
VICE-CHAIR and TREASURER:             Larisa T.

Members at Large: 

Pauline D.
Patricia K.
George M.
Anne Marie P.
Nirupa R.
Laura R.
Rudy R.
Vicki S.
Pauline W.
Alexandra Y.

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Year End Report (2015-2016)