Dress Code

A dress code signifies that Bond Academy is a special place in which special kinds of behavior are required. 

The way that staff and students dress has an impact on the tone of the school; therefore, all are expected to dress appropriately for their particular roles in the school and in a way that shows respect for themselves, others and the school. Our standard of dress and appearance marks our school as a place of dignity and minimizes distractions to learning. Casual clothing in which students feel comfortable for various learning activities such as outdoor science projects or art assignments is acceptable. 

The dress code is in effect throughout the building on school days during school hours. The final decision as to proper dress will be made by the school administration. Violation of the dress code could result in the student being sent home to change. 

Exceptions are made during evenings, weekends and on specific school dress days. 

> Boys' Dress Code
> Girls' Dress Code